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- Company Profile -

Engine Land Co.,Ltd. was established in 1970. We are used engine-trading corporation in west of Japan. We have more than twenty years experience in used engine trading. Our company consists of two warehouses and an office. The area of each warehouse is approximately 82,000 acres. We handle used engines, used tested engines, body parts, axle parts, engine parts, used car, used folk lift and so on. We stock 4,000 used engines and sell 1,700 used engines per month also we export used engines in twenty-five containers per month. And also we meet a domestic demand of used engines and we are highly evaluated.

Company name: Asterism Co.,Ltd. Engine Land
Representative director: Mr. Yoshihisa Tominaga
Location: [Head Office]
6-13-5 Norimatsu, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu-city, Fukuoka
807-0831 Japan
Tel: 81-93-602-1155 Fax:81-93-603-5171
[Nogata Warehouse]
167 Mizokoshi, Akaji, Ohaza, Nogata-shi, Fukuoka
822-0012 Japan
Tel: 81-949-22-6155
Capital: 10 million yen
Yearly turnover: 850 million yen
The contents of an enterprise: Sale of a used engine and autoparts, used car, etc.